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Olivier Lichtenberger
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Main blog:Soy Soja Soya
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Smell loss - Tests with an without soy
Smell loss - Tests with an without soy Tests performed between July 2003 and July 2007 As soon as I had identified the toxic responsible of my loss of smell I knew I shall run tests to ascertain this causality. But these tests were personal exercises and not the full scientific style. I regret that but here they are and I think they have nevertheless a real value. The method was rather simple but certainly not simplistic. I just reversed the diet that had made my sense of smell return. I returned to the diet with soy containing food or soy based food of...
Soy Soja Soya
Soon, I hope, I shall add considerations about the nastiness of soy, and soybean by-products and I shall display foods with and without this toxic. In the mean time you can go there : ...where I try to tell my story with my loss of smell and how I recovered it by a method absolutely unknown officially.

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