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Alaine Finn
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Main blog:alaine finn
Education:Associates degree, School of life
Service Attendance:Weekly

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Biography/About:I am a person who likes people and also likes to talk, probably too much. I learn everyday and believe that no one can or will ever know EVERYTHING and that is why I will continue to constantly educate myself as long as I'm here.
Dislikes:Close-mindedness and CHOSEN ignorance.
Interests:Music, Art, All that "hippy" stuff.

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Frustration to Peace
So I just fucked with this damn layout for like an hour!!! bahhh. Anyways I want to tell a story. There once was a girl who was bored as fuck on a Friday, (Mind you this BEAUTIFUL lady is on a 4 day weekend currently) when one of her friends texts to see what's going on. "Everyone is awake and talking and having fun and playing guitar and singing! Everyone from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros are over, and we are all discussing how to include them in our zombie apocalypse survival plan, and having awesome conversations between jam sessions on the balcony because it's beautiful...
Just to Start
So i've created a blog or 2 in my lifetime. This specific en devour proves that blogging has changed quite a bit. I intend to use this as an outlet for frustrations, questions, thoughts, views and possibly improve my writing abilities in the process. I plan to give the link to only my close friends (i'm not one of those "waaah!! i want everyone to know my sad sad life! myspace waaahh!) and complete strangers, because shit, yall don't even know me;o) *Names will be changed to protect the innocent, embarrassed, or those whom don't want to be blogged about on the interwebs:o) I will also...

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