August 8 2005

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General Information

Main blog:Kliq
Birthday:February 21st 1989
Education:High school
Service Attendance:Weekly
Location:United States, Maryland, Laurel
NintendoNow Catch me on the forums.

Contact Information



Height:6' 1" (185 cm)
Vision:Contact lenses
Hair Color:Black
Hair Style:Straight - Medium
Skin Tone:Tan
Clothing Pref.:Athletic

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Single - Never Married
Family Info:Mom, Dad, 2 younger sisters, 1 younger brother.
Sexual Preference:Really Straight
Astrological Sign:Pisces (Feb 19 - March 20)
Existing as:Human
Smoking:No Way
Your Home:Live with parents
Biography/About:Attend Meade High School.
Likes:I don't know
Dislikes:Nothing much

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why the fukc
is my blog disabled? fuck that. re-enable is blogdrive. and fuck the homo who notified a harmless AIM conversations between two idiots to the idiots at Blogdrive.
Classic 1on1 AIM Quotes - Jared Johns
Classic AIM Quotes I had with Jared Johns - back in 2005: RedRacerx07 (1:30:45 PM): I don't speak leetspeech so i did correct my THE from TEH KliqDx2000 (1:31:05 PM): only the cool people speak 1337 RedRacerx07 (1:31:46 PM): I know right... prolly LaSean, Jerome, Wade, Jay, and Malik speak it KliqDx2000 (1:32:05 PM): never put me in the same category as wade and jay RedRacerx07 (1:32:11 PM): Sorry RedRacerx07 (1:32:19 PM): I was just joking... i guess i took it to far KliqDx2000 (1:32:24 PM): way too far KliqDx2000 (8:44:33 PM): shut it fag RedRacerx07 (8:44:39 PM): wtf? RedRacerx07...
Ignore Everything
Ignore everthing up to this point. Everything before this is too old to be taken seriously. But after this, that's another story.
Random AIM Quotes Part 3
SouthStarKiller: i like your boobs. i wanna sleep on them cr0ss 0va 3: Once you go kliq... You turn gay like flip ikmv730: once you go Chantelle thats what you'll yell ikmv730: hry Malik i still got what you said about them other girls ikmv730: and Freckled butt cheaks cr0ss 0va 3: Once you go Annette... You're pretty much set. ikmv730: once you go kliq he'll bite off your d..... ikmv730: Once you go Zafar, you'll drive a fucked up car cr0ss 0va 3: Once you go Appiah, You're dead like Aaliyah. cr0ss 0va 3: Once you go Benson, you're...

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