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I have move on...
I have moved to a new domain. The reason why? Well, simply because I feel like it. Hehe... So I guess my blogging for 2years plus in blogdrive ends here. Remember to relink my new blog. XP
Anniversary Getaway for the New Year ^_^
Happy belated New Year, Merry belated Christmas and belated Boxing Day. Ya I know, once again I abandoned my blog for more than a week. Back to blogging business for now. To everyone who is reading this, how was your new year celebration?! As for me, I spent my NYE and the first 2 days of 2010 in Langkawi Island. Of course, I didn't go alone. ^_^ No prize for guessing correctly who I went with. XP Took the earliest ferry departing at 8.15am from Penang to Langkawi. Rented a car, checked in the hotel, did a mini shopping spree and its almost evening...
The best all in one device, Garmin G60

Atlantis The Palm in Dubai
This is a place where you will go WOW once you step into it. Its another landmark in Dubai, the Atlantis Palm. Be prepare to spend a fortune if you want to stay here though. The cheapest room cost SGD600 and the most expensive one cost more than SGD10k. So if you are sleeping for 5 hours in the most expensive room, an hour of sleep will cost SGD2k!!! But still, tourist can visit the resort free of charge ^_^ What is there to visit? The resort's lobby decoration and design are eye catching and interesting as well. A lot of people will go there to partly...

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