John Baker
General Information

Main blog:Diaryofamadbaker
Birthday:April 11th 1983
Occupation:Administrative / Secretarial
Education:High school, Some college
Service Attendance:Never
Race/lineage:White / Caucasian
Location:Australia, Sydney

Contact Information



Body Size:Few extra pounds
Height:5' 11" (180 cm)
Vision:Sun glasses
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Hair Style:Straight - Short
Facial Hair:Stubbly
Skin Tone:Fair
Best Feature:Eyes
Clothing Pref.:No Preference
Undies:Boxers - Silk
Tattoo Info:No Tattoos
Piercing Info:No Piercings
More Details:Don't wear Jewellery normally, occassionally, I wear a Celtic cross or an Ankh on a leather thong

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Single - Never Married
Family Info:I have a mum, and a dad, the only ones I ever had.
Sexual Preference:Straight but curious
Astrological Sign:Aries (March 21 - April 19)
Existing as:Shadowkin
Smoking:No. But not bothered by it
Liquor:Social drinker. One or two
Your Home:Live with parents
Likes:Those yellow plastic squares kraft passes off as cheese; Dancing in the rain; Riding the trains; Tea, Milk 2 sugars; Peppermint Tea; Cartoons; Elves; Dragons; Fantasy and Scifi; Animals Overall; Satin; Writing; Vampires; Reading; Acting like a fool; Water (pools, lakes, rivers, the sea); Video games; Music; The smell of heated brakes; The smell of second hand bookshops; Staring out the window of a moving car; Sitting at the window, watching the rain; Dancing like an idiot to the music in my head; Books that take me far, faraway; Long Showers; Cuddles; looking at the clouds or the stars; Fresh cut grass; Thunderstorms
Dislikes:People using religion as an excuse to hurt others;
Interests:RPG's Online-Real life, Computer Games
Instruments playedGuitar; Bass; Keyboard

Personal Favorites

People/Heroes:Joan of Arc, Alexander the Great, Julius Ceaser
Books:Dark Elf Trilogy, Icewind Dale Trilogy, Legacy Of The Drow, Paths Of Darkness, Hunters Blades, Cleric Quintet, Rihannsu Series, Corum of the Scarlet Robe, Corum of the Silver Hand, White Plume Mountain, Decent To the Depths Of The Earth, Queen Of The Demonweb Pits, Dragonlance Chronicals, Legends Trilogy, Raistlin Chronicals, Stranger In A Strange Land, Starship Troopers
Authors:Margret Wies, Tracy Hickman, Terry Pratchett, J.R.R. Tolkien, R.A. Salvatore, Michael Moorcock, Robert A. Heinlein
Music Genres:Metal, Punk, Soft Rock, Hard Rock, Blues, Classical, Alternative
Bands/Artists:The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Eric Clapton, BB King, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Bon Jovi (Including Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora solo work), Blondie, Metallica, The Offspring, Pink Floyd, Uriah Heep, Hawkwind, Live, Powderfinger,
Albums/CDs:Wish You Were Here, Dark Side Of The Moon, The Wall, Reload, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, Magical Mystery Tour, Inutero, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Ixnay On The Hombre, Throwing Copper, Secret Samadi, The Distance To Here, Odyssey Number Five, Ziggy Stardust
Songs:Wish You Were Here, Lightning Crashes, The Memory Remains, Thrillogy, Starman, Ziggy Stardust, Heroes, Changes
TV Shows:Star Trek, TOS, TNG, DS9, Red Dwarf, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, CSI, CSI: Miami, With Out A Trace, Cold Case, Highlander,
Movies:Sleepless In Seatle, Pretty Woman, Clerks, Chasing Amy, Mallrats, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, All Star Trek, Starwars Trilogy, The Never Ending Story, All Monty Python
Actors:Eric Bana, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Mel Gibson, Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts, Sam Niell, Richard Dean Anderson,
Games:Baldur's Gate 1&2 + Expansions, Icewind Dale 1&2 + Expansions, Temple Of Elemental Evil, Sacred, Football Manger, Planescape, Torment, Neverwinter Nights, D&D Heroes, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
Sports:Cricket, Football (soccer), Rugby League, Lawn Bowls (Don't laugh)
Colors:Green, Blue
Cars/Motorcyles:Not any more :)
Season:Early Winter through to Late Summer
Food:Chocolate and lots of it in all varieties, Bananas, Oranges, Grapes, Chicken
Drink:Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Vodka, Baileys
Quotes:If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad, Gods don't make mistakes!,

Other Blogs I Author


Four Most Recent Entries

Random Quizes
Wow, I haven't used this in like forever, I have been using my Deviant Art account to write my journals, just random thoughts though nothing world shattering. anyway here are the some quizes I decided to take cause I was bored and can' write for some gods forsaken reason. What Mytholigical creature are you? No surprise with this one I am a dragon, a mighty gold dragon! RAWR! I am a Dragon! Dragon: Now talk about a legend. These magnificent creatures are of many species. Some can be as large as the Earth itself, while others are as small as a mouse. One image that comes...
Yadda Yadda Yadda
Reply and leave your answers/comments, and I'll reply back and then you can go and post this in your journal and have some fun to.... DO THIS NOW: • Who are you? • Are we friends? • When and how did we meet? • Would you kiss me? Where? • Give me a nickname and explain why? • Describe me in one word. • What was your first impression of me? • Do you still think the same? • What reminds you of me? • If you could give me anything what would it be? • How well do you know me? • Would you ever meet up with me? • Are you going to put this on your journal and see what i say about you?
New Blog
I've Put up a New Blog... Yeah, yeah, I know, I rarely update this one so why a new one? Because... I can No I just want to keep the music stuff seperate from the regular clutter that is my life... just like my room. And I sware, damn shit fuck, sware this time it will be different. Anyway you can find the link to the new blog under the links to the writing. Go look... not that it is much to look at now but soon it shall be filled with wonderful posts about my lyrics and how the music is coming along with it. It shall be WONDERFUL!!!
A New Day Dawns
This Is sort of a continuation from Throw It Away, This is A New Day Dawns. But when I wake and a new day dawns And I realise I’m not so alone I won’t be so self absorbed And for that I must atone There is still much I can accomplish Still the music must continue to play The stories must still be written To be told another day Remember to hope, Remember to dream And nothing is ever as bad as it seems. Cause the sun will shine clear and bright Showing the future in positive Light

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