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J. Skye
General Information

Main blog:nobodyssweetheart
Occupation:Artistic / Creative
Education:Some college
Race/lineage:White / Caucasian

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Body Size:Thin
Height:5' 4" (163 cm)
Hair Color:Blonde
Tattoo Info:still searching for some cool saying or symbol... anybody an idea?

Personal Information

Liquor:Social drinker. One or two
Likes:rock music; writing; composing; producing; recording; being creative; photographing; poetry; live music.
Dislikes:bad music; catchy pop music tunes; crap clubs; friends that dont care; people w/o respect; arrogant humanity.
Interests:alternative, indie, acoustic, rock, singer-songwriter, music, writing, poetry, photgraphy, guitars, producing, recording, guitars, languages,

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Four Most Recent Entries

FALLING by Julia Skye, © 2007 Air strikes my body Thousand stories on my skin Gently moving onwards While my heart keeps standing still Iím not fallingÖ Iím not fallingÖ My ears have lost vision My eyes, they cannot listen A faint smile is sitting on my shoulders While my heart is twinging, still. Why do we want to play Games weíll never win Is it for the fun they bring Why do we long to feel Why canít we live in peace Knowing it will end in pain The sky is turning green Trickling into a sea Iím...
song:eskimos don't freeze
ESKIMOS DON'T FREEZE For all the things i'd like to say i write to you. though maybe words wont ever say what i try to do. when life is leading off the way i'll be there for you. and then this song shall give you strength and help you through. when all the letters in your book are enigmatic signs you cannot figure out the words you feel lost and alone look inside you and you will see what these words stand for and soon your viking blood will be conquering all (the world) chorus: Oh you know, birds arent simply falling down oh...
HOME When your longing is greater Than your hunger for freedom When you can't walk upright and sleep at night But cry When the air stands still And you can't breath in It's the same old pain, the same old grief And it won't go away, it won't leave you You cry all night ChorusÖ And my heart says something else I try to ignore but I can't withstand Im giving in to this inner longing For home When the earth don't move and it's an endless night When the lights don't shine and you're lost inside When all the...
mere marionettes in life's theatre
saturday was quite a nice day. i mean, nothing special but i went along so well with my mom (i helped her a lot in the household and stuff) and still had time to watch 3 movies. one in the afternoon, 2 at night before i slept. since saturday a week ago, when i came close to "depression" again, i knew, i was far from being "stable". but i was ok this past week. i just didnt feel really bad because i didnt think about anything, or didnt feel anything much, yet i knew i wasnt particularly happy. i was ok. i dont know if it was the movies i watched, i actually really liked them, but maybe it...

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