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General Information

Main blog:Flip's Side
Occupation:Artistic / Creative
Education:High school, Bachelors degree
Race/lineage:Pacific Islander

Contact Information


Body Size:Average
Height:6' 3" (191 cm)
Eyes:Dark Brown
Vision:No assisted eyewear
Hair Color:Black
Hair Style:Straight - Short
Skin Tone:Light
Tattoo Info:none and never will have one, because I can now, be different by not having one. :)

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Separated
Family Info:Legally married w/ children but single
Sexual Preference:Lesbian
Astrological Sign:Cancer (June 22 - July 22)
Existing as:Extraterrestrial
Smoking:No Way
Liquor:Social drinker. One or two
Your Home:Live with wife and kids
Likes:Humor, artwork, all types of music as long as it has a nice message, women
Dislikes:one w/o sense of humor
Interests:Humor, artwork, all types of music as long as it has a nice message, women

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Four Most Recent Entries

Learning Dreamweaver
"IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME!!! I SHOULDNT 'A LEFT YOU! WITHOUT A STRONG ENTRY TO STEP TO..." Sorry its been so long but I havent been able to stay long at home to make entries between two jobs. Been tryin to aquire new skills though...web design. Ive been tring to master Macromedia Dreamweaver. Its pretty tedious and aint gonna happen over night. But I did learn a basic trick though, Ill put som mo up later. PEACE!!!! Place cursor over the images to view original (and wait several seconds) Marie@Crisis More to come
Another Sleepless Night
Everyone has their vice. For some its Video games, for some its drugs, or hobbies and many more. Mines is my Mac and Adobe Photoshop. Some may not consider the time I spend on here at nights is not healthy. Well we can all agree that its productive to say the least, but night is the only time I have free from distraction. I'm free at these late night hours. Posted above is my latest creation, soon to be done over because I hate the source pic. If you wanna know if it looks like me or not, heres the source pic and lemme know if this defacement of Cambodian history looks like me.
I'm Still Alive.....
Yes I'm still a blogger yall just in case you were wondering. I 'm gonna make it up to my baby (my blog) one of these days. But this past few weeks my 3 kids have been requiring all of my time. Please excuse my abscence, but I've just been existant on other peoples sites. And that dont take up too much of my time. Also, My internet connection is now disconnected due to financial hardship and holiday sacrifices. As soon as I get this holiday job I shall be here more frequently, especially at work and(hopefully) when I have time when I'm home. And I am writing this post from my job. I've been...
Some retouchin stuff I did.
These are pics of my ex. This is not extreem makeover. Maybe just color and tonal replacement. One of them was so bad I had to airbrush. I never did this much airbrushing on a pic before so tell me what y'all think about it. I remember the first one I did looked so fake. . Not quite finshed w/ this one yet, and I think something's wrong w/ it, but cant put my finger on it. Give some feedback on it so far

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