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Written circa June 2008 To follow up on my last post, I may as well light up the matches and start throwing furniture around. The occasion? I'm going back to law school. Two months have afforded me the opportunity to not only rest and relax, but also to rethink. Before finals were up - and even for some time afterward - I couldn't bring myself to even consider going back next year. The stress and misery were too fresh. Instead, I absorbed myself in other pursuits, primarily writing. My boyfriend jokingly questioned how long that would last, and after two weeks,...
the end
It's finally happened. I've had a breakdown, breakthrough, reformation, realization, whatever you want to call it. I reached the end of my rope and have tossed it all in. Okay, so this isn't really a breakthrough: it's a mere reprise. Remeber my last entry? Where I pledged that, absent a divine revelation, I was going to quit law school at the end of the first semester? And the entry before that, where I pledged that I had finally, for the twelve-millionth time, renounced law school? Well . . .I'm almost ashamed to admit it. Here I am. Entrenched in the finals of...
It's interesting how life takes all these little turns and detours that one never would have expected, or worse, feared. Did I say interesting? A better description might be depressingly, bitterly ironic.Ever since I announced my short-lived intention to go to law school a year and a half ago, it has risen up like a zombie in a gunfight - no matter how many times I blow its guts out, it stumbles on to haunt me. Despite having adamently decided a dozen or more times to avoid going to law school at any cost, here I am, entrenched in my first semester of...
senseless ambiguity
I came to realize, seeing as how it is half-way through my last semester in college, and the original intention of this blog was to chronicle my wayward journeys through this phase of life, I'm probably overdue for an update.Looking back through past entries, I am overtaken by a distressing nostalgia for everything I left behind. If I have learned anything, it is that I will never be completely satisfied wherever I am or whatever I am doing; maybe it is just human nature that so confounds the emotions, pressing us into eternal bondage, chained to ideals and illusions that will never come...

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