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Thema and Louise
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Main blog:Squashbrough
Birthday:September 14th 1989
Occupation:Artistic / Creative
Education:High school, Some college
Religion:Not religious
Service Attendance:Never
Race/lineage:White / Caucasian
Location:United States, Arizona

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Biography/About:One profile, two people. Multiple personalities or cooperation? I bet you will never know.
Likes:Good stuff and bad boys
Dislikes:Bad stuff and yucky boys.
Interests:Interesting stuff

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parte de seconde
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All of the Kelpie dorm was up and about, exploiting their last day of freedom to the fullest. All except Thursday that was. Val, who'd been up since the crack of dawn to fly in the pitch, wanderer back to their room about noon. Val never went a day without flying, and had spent most of the morning at it to give Day time to sleep, but enough was enough already. The challenge was the actual waking of Day. Hot and cold water failed, as did the loud noises department (music, banging of pots and pans, and yelling). From there she...
the overly edited, but not really changed part one!
Valentine Alward, a sophomore in Squashbrough School of Magic, sighed in relief as the bus pulled to a stop in front of a group of fenced in ranch style buildings. The bus wasn't uncomfortable, but traveling for any length of time in the muggle way left her wondering how the muggles could stand it. Not that the bus was really muggle styled. In fact that was the last thing anyone could say about it once they got into it. Instead of the conventional bench seats there were large arm chairs, in rows of 10 with wide gaps between the rows. It was also about seven stories tall. Of course, from the...
Where in we see how attentively people pay attention in muggle-studies
Valentine sighed as she emerged into the fresh afternoon air. A long line of students filed off the yellow bus in single file from behind her, and she looked around eagerly, taking in the familiar sights of Squashbrough, which, despite it’s foreboding looks from a distance, was quite a charming campus once one got past the misdirectional and misleading charms that protected it from muggle notice. Val was busy admiring the warm red brick buildings that looked nothing like a factory, when some one tapped her on the shoulder and almost taught her how to fly without a broom. “Gosh, somebody is...
Going somewhere without moving
"Day! Day! Day! Day!" Thursday Riley was fairly certain she had just gotten whiplash from being violently shaken from behind, as she woke up from the half-nap she'd been taking. "Day! "Val! Calm down, I noticed you the first time!" She turned and put a stabling hand on her friend, who was literally bouncing. "It was so awesome Day! You should have been there! Brian jinxed Alan, and then Taylor tried to jinx Clare and then there was popcorn!" "Popcorn?" Day asked, trying to keep up with her fast talking friend. "I thought you were going to go talk to the firsties." "Yes!" Val exclaimed,...

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