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Dan Healy
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Main blog:Dan's WNY Musings
Birthday:November 2nd 1973
Occupation:Executive / Management
Education:Bachelors degree
Service Attendance:Only on holidays
Race/lineage:White / Caucasian
Location:United States, New York, Lockport


Body Size:Big Boned
Height:5' 7" (170 cm)
Hair Color:Light Brown
Facial Hair:None
Skin Tone:Fair

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Married
Family Info:Married with 3 beautiful daughters
Sexual Preference:Straight/Heterosexual

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Feeling a little Green
You might find yourself thinking, "doesn't he mean feeling a little blue?" But sadly, no I mean green. Of course one person might say mustard, yet another black, but it's all green to me. Green Algea. It used to be I'd open the pool on Memorial Day spend 4 days and $300 dollars to get a pool that would be crystal clear for exactly 17 days. Then slowly the crytal clear water at Chateau Healy would begin to change slightly. First, a little cloudy, then a little darker, finishing off with a beautiful green hue right off your favorite paint chart (I'd say the green rivaled my grass...
A simpler time
So I was thinking about growing up and the simpler times we once lived in, then I realized this made me sound old. But, considering I grew up in the 80's I guess I am old, but don't tell my wife that. Though she is only one year younger and we were married in the mid-90's, she claims to remember nothing from the 80's (much like hippies trying to recall the 60's). It was simpler time, maybe because we were younger, but mostly because there was less..less technology, less stress, less to worry about. So, let's harken back and remember some of the "real" good things from the...
Gone but not forgotten
I lost a good friend yesterday. It was one of my blue pair of Fruit of the Loom boxer breifs. I had gotten him for Christmas in 2004, but he just unable to carry on any longer. The small hole that had started a year ago had become so large I accidentally put my leg into it. Had I not been getting dressed in the dark (can't wake the whole house up), the unfortunate incident might not have happened (I also might not have worn a black shirt with blue pants which made me look like a giant bruise for the entire day). My wife started a tradition several years back. While most people get...
Am I getting stronger...
...or are the towels getting weaker? This is what I was left to ponder as I was stepping out of the shower just the other day. I was in the process of drying off my enourmously large body(dwarfed only in size by Antarctica) and still needed to get my back. As I slung the towel over my shoulders and began to pull from side to side, I heard the distinctive "rrrriiipppppp" and knew another bath towel had met it's maker (JC Penny in this case). Unfortunately for me, my wife who was in another area code at the time also heard the sound. And even though she had to journey over mountains and...

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