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daRLenE mHer
General Information

Birthday:September 20th 1991
Education:High school
Service Attendance:More than once a week

Contact Information



Body Size:Fit
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Best Feature:Legs
Clothing Pref.:Cozy

Personal Information

Astrological Sign:Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22)
Existing as:Human
Smoking:No Way
Exercise:Couch potato
Biography/About:fUl nAmE: dArLeNe mHeR c. dELa cRuZ niCknAme: yAn2x, dArL, dArLiNg, LeNg, nAy b-dAy: SeptEmBer 20,1991 cRuShiN' oN: dAniEL rAdcLiffE, rUpErt gRinT, rOdjUn cRuz, miKeE LeE,aNd tooottt.. cOmFort foOd: nOva aNd cHocoLateS cAtch mE iN: ASNHS..ESF buiLdiNg, rUm ni Mam PePz a.k.a rUm ng LAVOIXYTEZ..amin un mga DARBZ LiKeS: piPziEs hu R fWenDLy anD hAs deSirAbLe tRaiTs, cLean suRrOunDings.. diSliKEs: piPz hU r iNseCure,liArz,bAcKfiGhteRz, pRessUrE mE a Lot, uNtiDy tHingZ cAts,bLooD Q & A w/ dArL: WHATS: d bEst tHng bOut SkuL: *hEightens up uR kNowLedGe, u cAn sOcialize & hAv aLot oF fWendS.. alSo cRushEs..??..hMm..let me thnk..haha.. bSt b-dAy moMent: *mY 4tH bdAy..wE hAd a bLAst..iT wAs a FabuLous pArty, mY 13th bdAy aLso..i wAs teAry eyED wd my Cm8Z suRpryS.. d tHiNg i H8 mOst bOut sKuL: *gettnG uP eArLy..bOut 4:50 am..haha.. gr8St feAr.. *GoD..aNd unKnOwn thNgz.. lyF's beSt LeSsOn.. *nOthNg s cOstAnt n dZ woRld xcPt CHANGE..i dEfinitEly aGreE wD tHat sTatemEnt.. gR8sT dReAm.. *2 hAv a sTabLe jOb n D fuTuRe..2 wOrk oUtsyD d cOuntRy anD f mkA-ipOn na..gO bak hErE anD mAke buSinEssanD nVestMenTs..2 hAv a rEspoNsibLe huSbanD wd 3 kiDz..haha.. 2 hELp my ParEnts.. laStLy, 2 tOuR aRouNd d wOrLd wd mY fAmly..haha.. ambisyosA!!! *i LoVe cArdcAptoR SAKURA.. i'm proud 2 b a VIRGONIAN... Traditional Virgo Traits Modest and shy Meticulous and reliable Practical and diligent Intelligent and analytical On the dark side.... Fussy and a worrier Overcritical and harsh Perfectionist and conservative AKO ngA pOh yAn!!
Interests:bRowSinG d CoMp., sOuNdtRip, reading any kinds of books and magazines....singing and dancing of course...

Personal Favorites

People/Heroes:...dAniEL rAdcLifFe, rUpErt GriNt, eMMa wAtsOn, mY pAreNtz, mY gRandma, my cRush!!! whaha... JeSus....
Books:..aNy rEadiNg mAteRiaLz paRtiCularLy cAndymAg, ArchiE coMics, diCtioNary, PriNcess diAna, GooSebuMps, Harry PottEr seRies...
Authors:..jOanNe kAthLeeN rOwLinG, Dan Brown, mYcLf..hehe..
Music Genres:pop music, love songs, r & b, acoustic, hiLLsongz....
Bands/Artists:i LoVE d bAndZ thE cALLinG, MYMP, sPoNgEcoLa, 6cYcLemiNd, mOjOfLy, hALe, cUesHe, sTeps, pUssycAt doLls, dEstiNy's cHiLd..i rEaLLy lyk keLLy cLarkSon, cEliNe diOn, cHriStiNa aGuiLerA, MicHeLLe bRanCh, AvriL lAviGne, vAneSSa cArLton...
Songs:..stiCkwitU,wHerEvEr u wiL go, rEmmBer mE dZ wAy, i'll Be, thAt's d wAy iT is, a mOmeNt lyK diz, JesUs tAke d WheEL, iNsiDe uR hEaven, bReaKaway, nOboDy's hOme, mY dEstiny, jEepNey, cAnt lEt u go, at d bEginNing... aNd maNyy moRe..i, m a cErtiFyd muSiC loVer!!!!
TV Shows:cardcaptor sakura...scq, raw, myx, gknb, inu-yasha, super galz, starstruck, stardance, full house, SLAMDUNK kc andun crush ko!!!!!!!!!! i love SENDOH!!!!!!!!!!,, goin bulilit..MTV..HBO... ONLY YOU, HeRo, Princess Lulu, Kim Sam Soon, Le robe de MAriage, u can dAnce, mY giRL, wOnDerFul lYf, lUv s2ry n HarVard
Movies:bRiNg it On!, mY sAssY guRL, sO cLose, a CiNdeReLLa s2Ry, sOunD oF muSic, wiZard oF oZ, nAnNy mCpHeE, eLLa eNcHantEd, SpiDer mAn seRiEs, hArry poTter sEries, pRiNceSS diAriEs, ScoOBy doO sEriEs, SpY kiDz...
Actors:fAvE actrEsS: cAthEinE zeTa-jOnes, jEnniFer AniSton, hA ji Won, hAn cHae yOuNg, EuGene.. cLaudiNe bArrEto, tOni GonZagA faVe actOrs: dAnieL raDcLifFe, LeoNardO di cApRio, bRadd Pitt, OrLAndo bLoom, ChAd miChaEL mUrRaY, diEtHeR oCampo, Lee dOng Wok
Games:...i'M noT inTeResTed...wahehe...
Sports:noT inTerEsted neither!!!!
Colors:piNkahoLic nA mE aS oF noW!!! buT i stiL luv bLue anD viOLet!!1 luv alSo d shAdes of White anD bLack...
Pets/Animals:...i hAv a Cat nAmed sAndaRa...
Cars/Motorcyles:...nOne so Far...
Food:...i lUv FilipiNo and ChinEse diShes.. i AdoRe nAtivE deLicAcies also... i'M sElf-cOnFesED CHOCOHOLIC... haha.. NOVA and CHIPPY aDDicT...
Drink:...wAtEr anD sOftDrinKs...iCed tEa alSo..
Quotes:i sTonGly bElievE n dZ saYings... :dO noT cRy oVer a sPiLLed miLk: ''nOthiNg iS cOnsTant n Dz wOrLd eXcePt CHANGE''

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