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Main blog:Katie Jo
Birthday:June 1st
Education:High school
Location:United States, Illinois

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Height:5' 3" (160 cm)
Eyes:Dark Brown
Vision:Glasses when reading
Hair Color:Plum Brown
Hair Style:Wavy - Short
Skin Tone:Pale

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Relationship Status:Single - Involved
Sexual Preference:Straight/Heterosexual
Astrological Sign:Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
Your Home:Live at the dorm
Biography/About:My name is Kate I'm 18 anymore questions just ask

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boy troubles
Okay so i think that all boys are stupid.. well maybe not all of them but my boyfriend sure is . He makes me so mad we've been going out for about 2 years and I do love him but he so clueless. it is almost as if he is a child. He feels so pround of himself when he pays for dinner for the first time in like six months. Btw it doesn't bother me that he doesn't pay because normally becasue I personally like to pay for myself because i don't like to feel like i owe him anything, but what does bother me is that he doesn't let it go he keeps reminding me that he payed and like i should be damn...
Life for today
Is there something wrong with change..its healthy right and normal??. You can still feel the same but not lookthe same. Thats what everyone get so angry about you have all the kids trying to be apart of something that they have no business being in and they are just in it for the fad. So okay I get it looks aren't important. But sometimes it feels that way. I've gotten better, you know I don't do that stuff anymore for awhile I was happy and I guess I still am. I'm so thankful for the things I have and I happy with my life well on somedays. But on others you know I just wanna walk out in...
Being stupid
Well I got that sitution with my friends boyfriend figured out......when I told him that I just wanted to be his friend, all of a sudden he started missing his girlfriend and they started going back out again. Those feelings for me mustn't have been all that great. But when he first started dating her again he didn't tell her that he had tried to kiss me, it didn't make much a difference. After she was mad at him for a week they were back together again. I don't know if I could do that...wouldn't it be just a bit well..... lets just say....awkard? NOPE! Not for the two of them. Oh well...
What would you do??
Would you go out with one of your Best friends ex-boyfriend? If they had just broken up...because of problems, but also because he liked you instesd of her.... And if you had feelings for him when you first met him.....but sorta went bye bye when he started dating your friend? And now he really likes you and you could sorta like him but, it is just way to strange. We have alot in common and could prolly start something but like I said too strange, would you go out with him or tell him you just want to be really good frineds?

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